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  • Mandy Bratton - Executive Director and Lecturer

    Mandy Bratton - Executive Director and Lecturer

    Dr. Mandy Bratton serves as the Executive Director of the UC San Diego Center for Global Sustainable Development. The Center is home to the award-winning Global Ties program and the National Academy of Engineering's (NAE) Grand Challenge Scholars Program. These programs inspire students to collaborate with communities to co-create innovative solutions to urgent problems, such as those represented by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the NAE Grand Challenges. Mandy also serves as a Founding Director of the UC San Diego Changemaker Institute. She is an Ashoka U Change Leader and was instrumental in making UC San Diego an Ashoka U Changemaker Campus – one of only 45 worldwide. She served as the Principal Investigator for SISTERS, a National Science Foundation-funded project to design and study the impact of an after-school STEAM program for 5th and 6th-grade girls facilitated by undergraduate mentors majoring in STEM. Before coming to UC San Diego, Mandy earned a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from the University of Texas at Austin and served as a senior faculty member in Psychology and Human Development and Interim Associate Dean at Prescott College for the Liberal Arts, the Environment, and Social Justice. She also earned a Public Leadership Credential from the JFK School of Government at Harvard University. Mandy has sailed around the world three times with the Semester at Sea Global Studies Program and serves as president emeritus of its alumni association and as an ex officio member of its Board of Trustees. She holds an academic appointment as a Continuing Lecturer. Her primary interests as a scholar, teacher, practitioner, and global citizen include sustainable development, gender, leadership, ethics, and advancing social and environmental justice.


  • Barb Donovan - Student Service Advisor

    Barb Donovan - Student Service Advisor

    Barb has been with the Global TIES program for nine years now. She works with all academic departments across campus advising how ENG100D and ENG100L work with technical electives for most majors.  She also handles the operational side of the house which includes building the schedule for all classes, enrollment management, managing the lab, handling all reimbursements and team purchases as well as travel. With the addition of the Grand Challenge Scholars Program and the Center for Global Sustainable Development, she will also be managing the social media and website development for these new groups. 

    Barb, who has a Masters Degree in Education, has worked with UC San Diego for ten years.  Her other roles were within Engineering Student Services as a Student Recruitment Officer and a COSMOS Teacher Fellow. She enjoys cycling, body boarding and yoga and used to own a small ice cream business across from campus named Lil' Dipper.


  • Ryan Mancinelli - Lecturer

    Ryan Mancinelli - Lecturer

    Ryan has served as an HR Leader at IBM for a number of years and in his current roles, leads Global Talent Acquisition for IBM's Mergers & Acquisitions. In addition to his full-time role at IBM, Ryan is a lecturer in UCSD's Global TIES (Teams in Engineering Service) program which partners interdisciplinary teams of UC San Diego students with nonprofits and NGOs to co-create solutions to socially urgent problems in San Diego and the developing world. Ryan is a graduate of IBM's Human Resources Leadership Development Program (HRLDP), a multi-year global rotational program dedicated to accelerating the skill development and leadership capability of select individuals. Ryan is also an alumnus of IBM's Corporate Service Corps (deployed to Jujuy, Argentina in May-June 2017) which selects top management prospects and then trains and dispatches these leaders to emerging markets around the world. Participants spend four weeks in country; helping solve economic and social problems of their selected communities, working with local governments, universities, and business groups on a variety of initiatives.  Ryan is currently earning his Ed.D. in Organizational Change & Leadership from the University of Southern California (expected 2021 graduation) and holds an M.A. in Social-Organizational Psychology from Columbia University in the City of New York and a B.A. in Psychology, Marketing, & English from the University of Miami. Ryan is passionate about giving back to the community and improving outcomes at a local level. He is deeply interested in human resource management, sustainable development, organizational and team dynamics, leadership and talent management.
  • Anh-Thu Ngo - Lecturer

    Anh-Thu Ngo - Lecturer

    Dr. Anh-Thu Ngo is a Lecturer with Global TIES. She became involved with service learning as a college student through Princeton’s Community-Based Learning Initiative. She studied Anthropology, which has been a natural conduit for direct community-based research and learning. After college, she participated in a six-week, hands-on irrigation project with Engineers Without Borders in rural Arsi Negele in southeastern Ethiopia. She then earned her Ph.D. at Harvard in Social Anthropology, where she conducted field research as a Fulbright grantee in Vietnam. As a doctoral student, she was a teaching assistant for Dr. Paul Farmer’s popular undergraduate course on Global Health and later developed her own at The College of New Jersey. She has worked with a variety of education nonprofits and has sustained engagement with the public interest sector. Anh-Thu recently re-settled to California from the New York metro area, by way of Austin, Texas. 

Graduate Project Advisors

  • Edmund Leibert III

    Edmund Leibert III

    Edmund is graduating this Fall 2021 with a B.S in Electrical & Computer Engineering and is continuing to complete a M.S. in Machine Learning & Data Science. Discovering Global TIES in the Spring 2021 through ENG 100D under Professor Mancinelli, Edmund quickly became enamored with the philosophy of Human Centered Design. He places a premium value on community service and continues to dedicate his time to mentoring incoming cohorts of UC San Diego students. He is currently serving as a TA for ENG 100D “Design and Development,” ENG 100L “Baja Water Conservation Project,” and ENG 100L “Ghana Project,” where he is looking forward to helping students develop skills to create positive changes for all non-profit organization partners. In his free time, you can find him practicing playing piano, strumming bass, kickboxing, backpacking, longboarding, and learning how to create exotic culinary dishes!

  • Yaman Jandali

    Yaman Jandali

    Yaman is a Master's student studying Computer Science at UCSD. His main research interests focus on the use of AI for social justice as well as privacy preserving ML. As an undergrad he took courses in Global TIES and loved the program so much that he was inspired to continue his involvement through his graduate career.

Undergraduate Project Advisors

  • Jennifer Hofilena

    Jennifer Hofilena

    Jenny is a 3rd year Mechanical Engineering student with a minor in Design. She stumbled upon Global TIES during the spring quarter of her sophomore year, in which she joined the first COVID project and returned to the DiaBEATit team. Jenny collaborated with Project Kilimanjaro during her time in ENG100D, and found her way back as a TA for the DiaBEATit and K-12 projects. Because of her involvement in the Global TIES program, she became intrigued to follow a career path focused on human-centered design and sustainability. In her spare time, you can find her researching astrology, reading tarot cards, or upcycling her thrifted clothes.
  • Miriam Hamidi

    Miriam Hamidi

    Miriam is a third year electrical engineering student in Warren College. While at UCSD, she has been involved with the ECE Undergraduate Student Council (ECE USC), the Summer Research Internship Program (ECE SRIP), and a systems engineering internship. She joined Global Ties Spring 2021 through ENG 100D as part of a project with the Celeste Health Initiative. In her free time Miriam enjoys trying new tea latte recipes, curating extremely specific Spotify playlists, and reading. 
  • Santino Espiritu

    Santino Espiritu

    Santino is a 4th year Chemical Engineering student with a minor in Business. He joined Global TIES spring quarter of his junior year through ENG 100D and ENG 100L. In those courses, Santino worked with a team that helped develop a website for a nonprofit organization called ShelterBox and played a role in the One Village Philippines team as well. Upon entering his last year at UCSD, Santino seized the opportunity to be a TA for the K-12 project. Because of the Global TIES program, he gained a newly found interest in human-centered design and wants to follow a career path that involves sustainability and renewable energy. In his free time, Santino enjoys snowboarding, surfing, and cooking for his friends.

  • Daniel John

    Daniel John

    Daniel is a 2nd year Bioengineering: Biotechnology student minoring in Political Science. He joined Global Ties in the fall quarter of his 1st year through ENG100D, and also contributed to the Cruz Roja project in the spring. Daniel is involved in the founding of a non-profit and efforts to improve refugee disparities in San Diego, and is currently working on improving medical care in third-world settings. In his free time, Daniel enjoys hiking, playing spikeball, watching sports, and reading.
  • Tina Reuter

    Tina Reuter

    Tina is a 4th Chemical Engineering student minoring in Business. She took ENG 100D her sophomore year and has been involved in Global TIES ever since. She has been a part of both the COVID project and Schoolhouse Ghana (eduTIES). Her involvement in this program has helped develop her passion for sustainable human-centered design and she hopes to apply these to her future career in the biotechnology or energy industries. Outside of Global TIES she is a Project Manager for AIChE Projects where she works on a water treatment system to remove Uranium from the contaminated water in the Navajo Nation. She is also part of the UCSD Swim and Dive Team and works at General Atomics. In her spare time, she enjoys going for drives, walks on the beach, watching movies, listening to audiobooks, and spending time with her friends and family.